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David & Sagi have live consultation sessions open to all the SPA members once a month. These sessions are not private, but they are intimate and they answer each question personally. So let's calculate this with your evaluation of {{answer_35103413}} per hour, for the next 6 months (we'll just look at the short term although you'll have access to the SPA for life)

By the way, David and Sagi are also readily available in Slack and frequently meet with and Skype with members one on one.
Ok, these consultations also happen once a month. So let's calculate them with your evaluation of {{answer_35233788}} per hour, for only the next 6 months

Remember though, you'll have access to the SPA for life
Would it be safe to say this program will save you at least 10 hours of work on your project already THIS YEAR?

We believe that 10 hours is a wildly conservative estimate, and that you'll save you tens if not hundreds of hours of work, plus help you avoid huge mistakes. But let's just start with 10 to be safe.
So in total, based on YOUR answers:

The Side Project Accelerator is worth ${{var_score}} for only the first 6 months!

* When you join, you get LIFETIME access, so that you have continued support on your side project.
** This doesn't even include: 
- All the free updates and bonus lessons to come
- The weekly office hours with David and Sagi on Slack
- This also does not include the money that you will make from your side project by learning how to monetize it

If you'd like to join us, the program costs $999
We also have a payment plan to make it even easier. You can split it into 3 payments of $333 each.
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